The Freedom Pens Project is an all-volunteer effort spearheaded by the members of the Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community, to provide custom, hand-crafted pens to American servicemen and women overseas.

We welcome anyone who is interested in our project and willing to donate their time, talent, or services to assist us in our goal of providing beautiful writing instruments for our military stationed in foreign countries who are in harms way.

Every Freedom Pen that is delivered will serve as a constant reminder to our troops that they are not alone and will have our continued support until every one of them returns home.

Who Makes The Pens?
Freedom Pens are being made by individual woodworkers everywhere, from small towns to our largest cities, amateur woodworkers are donating their time, talent and personal funds to create custom pens as a symbol of their support for our military men and women.
Our program is sponsored by the Online Woodworking Community of

What are Our Goals for the Freedom Pen Program?
We believe we can ship over 20,000 pens each year. Our target number is relative to the number of woodworkers who are willing to participate. Financial support will be necessary but we can produce hand crafted pens at a very low cost since all of our labor is a volunteer effort. The progress of our Freedom Pen program will be updated regularly here and in the Sawmill Creek Freedom Pens Forum.

The men and women in our military forces serve and protect many nations all over the world. They are provided the very best equipment and technology by our Government but they need moral support from home, positive assurance that the people of our country are behind them every minute of every day. When one of our hand made writing instruments is used to write a letter home it is a symbol of our support and physical evidence that the people of America care deeply about their safety and are praying for their safe return home.

It is a privilege for the members of Sawmill Creek Woodworkers Forums to develop and provide continued support for the Freedom Pen program. Our members are responding to our call for help and are excited about getting involved with such an honorable project that will touch the hearts of our sons and daughters in harms way.

If you are serving in the United States Military and your unit is stationed in a combat zone anywhere in the world please contact us directly. We would be honored to provide you with custom handwriting pens, this is our way of showing our support and appreciation for your service to the American people.

Here is a link to the original message that got our program started January 16th, 2004. As of 2016, our program is still active!

Original Thread

How Can You Get Involved?
We need your help to advertise our program, create pens and help funding the cost of providing pen kits and materials.
* If you are a member of a woodworkers club or organization and your group is interested in joining the Freedom Pen Project or co-sponsoring a Turn-A-Thon Click Here to send us an email, please include any questions you have concerning the project.

Where can I get pen kits?
If you need pen kits you can order from our bulk-buy program. For information  Click Here

Where Can I Ship My Pens To?
Sawmill Creek Woodworkers Forums are sponsored by Northwind Associates, a sign company in Gloucester County Virginia. Northwind Associates has volunteered to receive and distribute all pens created for the program. The shipping address is;

Freedom Pens Project
c/o Northwind Associates
8770 Little England Rd
Hayes, VA 23072

Please pack each pen individually, in tubes, plastic bags or roll them in newspaper but make sure that each pen is protected. Damage from shipping is a major concern and if we have to wrap each pen it slows the delivery of your pens.

I Don't Own a Lathe, How Can I Help?
We need woodworkers who do not own a lathe to help us prepare wood turning blanks for those who are producing pens. Anyone who would like to provide lumber, even in small quantities would be a valuable asset to our program and we welcome their assistance. Often workshop scraps can be used to prepare turning blanks for pens.

Our immediate need is to get the word out to newspapers, radio stations, television stations and magazines about our program. If you are able to assist by contacting the media and letting them know about our program we would certainly appreciate your efforts.

Upcoming Events

No events currently scheduled.

Freedom Pens Contact Information

Keith Outten - Freedom Pens Project Administrator
Jackie Outten - Freedom Pens Project Coordinator
Joe Kelly - Freedom Pens Project Southern Region Coordinator

Monetary donations are being accepted to pay for pen kits to be donated to woodworkers who are willing to to make pens. All funds collected will be used for the future purchasing of kits in order to remove the financial burden from woodworkers making pens. Every $3.00 collected will provide a pen kit for a woodworker, including the shipping costs. We hope to collect enough donations to pay for the vast majority of kits used for the project with priority assigned to schools and Turn-A-Thons. Hopefully our fund will grow to the point where all pen kits can be provided by the Freedom Pens Coordinator.

Donations can be made via check or PayPal, using